Pookie is Looking Fire Matchbook
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Pookie is Looking Fire Matchbook

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A viral sensation - Jett and Campbell (also known as Pookie) have taken the internet by storm for their outfit videos on Tiktok.

They’ve gone viral for their fit checks in which Jett compliments Pookie, telling her she looks “amazing” or “fire.” Jett is obsessed with complimenting his wife, appearing in her videos, and buying her nice things. We all deserve Jetts!!

I thought it would be a fun little valentines day canvas addition to the line to take his 'catch-phrase' and put it onto canvas!

This chart can be translated to any size mesh - but measures 4.25" x 3" on 18 mesh, and 6" x 4" on 13 mesh.

*chart will be auto emailed to you post purchase

*Painted canvas will ship the week of February 26th