Leopard Puffy Headband
Rachel Barri Designs

Leopard Puffy Headband

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13 mesh, stitch painted

15"x1.75" - Design Size

19"x6" - Canvas Size

A must have accessory to spice up or complete your ensemble all year round! 

This headband can be self finished which is very exciting, however it can also be sent out for finishing if you'd like to call it a day once you're done stitching (you do you girl)!

15.5" x 2" Design Size on both 18 and 13 mesh.

Included with each headband will be: 

Hand painted canvas of your choosing, the actual headband, batting fabric cut to size, grosgrain ribbon for interior of headband, and the finishing guidelines!  You will also need strong double sided tape, hot glue and sewing clips (similar to any you would use for self finishing an ornament).